Deposit Policy

Radiant Energy Tattoo Deposit Policy

  • Your deposit is non-refundable or transferrable. Your deposit amount will be deducted from your *last* session for the tattoo listed below. It expires six (6) months after your latest consult or session or immediately if you are a no-show to your appointment.  Deposits are not transferrable to another party/person/entity/etc.
  • Process: Your artwork/mockup will be completed based on when you schedule your next consult or appointment. Your artist may have you return to the shop for a second consult or email you to confirm the design. Minor changes can be made at this point if something isn’t to your liking. If major design changes are required, additional time will be needed to re-design your piece, depending on artist’s scheduling. When you confirm your final design and the piece is ready for tattooing, an appointment will be made and the final line drawing will be prepared for your appointment. All artwork becomes property of your artist and/or Radiant Energy Tattoo. If you refuse the design at any point, and don’t want to work with your artist to make any further changes, your deposit will be lost and considered payment for time spent and work completed on your project. If you completely change your design, or start a new/different piece, and your artist has started or completed work on the original design, a new deposit may be charged at the artist’s discretion.
  • Rescheduling Policy: Your deposit will not be lost if you need to reschedule and give at least 12 hours of notice. We allow you to reschedule an additional two (2) times after your initial appointment date for any reason, and your deposit will still be valid towards your last session. The (2) limit does not apply during inclement weather where the shop is closed or there is rescheduling due to inclement weather. If you need to reschedule a third time (or more), or are canceling your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited, and Radiant Energy Tattoo will not contact you again. You can contact Radiant Energy Tattoo to make a future appointment; however, your deposit will still be considered lost/forfeited and will not be deducted from any future appointment for that particular tattoo. 
  • No Call/No Show: If you are a no-show for any appointment, with no notice/contact to us, you lose your deposit and no further contact from Radiant Energy Tattoo will be made.  At this point, you can set up another appointment for your tattoo, however your deposit will still be considered lost/forfeited and will not be deducted from any future appointment for that tattoo.  A no-show constitutes being at least two (2) hours late and/or not showing up for your appointment.
  • Larger Deposits: Radiant Energy Tattoo does not recommend leaving larger deposits than required. If you choose to leave a larger deposit than the artist quotes, you may do so only on credit card. A larger deposit will not give your project priority over other projects and all deposit terms still apply. In the event of a situation where a larger deposit is given, and the situation arises where the deposit is lost, Radiant Energy Tattoo will keep the original requested deposit amount and refund the difference after the six (6) month period or the day of your appointment (if a no-show).

For convention/phone deposits: Payment of deposit indicates you’ve read and accept the aforementioned deposit terms. Your deposit will secure your appointment; no appointments are booked until deposit is paid.