Convention Deposit Policy

Radiant Energy Tattoo/Caroline Evans - Convention Deposit Terms

  • Your deposit is non-refundable once your artist starts work on your piece. A full refund is possible if refund is requested before work has begun on piece. This deposit secures your appointment and starts the artwork process.
  • No appointment is booked/confirmed and no artwork will be started without a deposit.
  • Your deposit is not transferrable to another person/party/entity/etc.
  • Your deposit is deducted from the *last* session.
  • The deposit is valid only for the dates of the tattoo event you’re attending.
  • Artwork/mockups are created in appt order, typically within 3-4 days of the convention. Your artist may email a mockup, if applicable. A line drawing is not completed until you approve the mockup. Minor changes can be made at this point.
  • Change of design more than 72 hours from appt: If you significantly change your design and/or start a new/different piece, and your artist has started or completed work on the original design, a new deposit will be charged, due immediately, and the previous deposit will be lost.
  • Change of design less than 72 hours from appt: Because of time constraints, it may not be possible for your artist to prepare your piece. If it is possible, a new deposit is due immediately, and the previous deposit will be lost. If not, the original piece can either be tattooed as is, or if you refuse that design, the deposit will be lost. **Changes to your design and/or enlarging your piece at your appointment will not be possible at your appointment.**
  • Because of the nature of conventions, rescheduling may not be possible.
  • If you need to reschedule, we will make a best effort to set a new appointment during the event if there is time available. If you are unable to reschedule during the event, or you cancel your appointment for any reason, the deposit is lost.
  • If your artist needs to reschedule due to an appointment unexpectedly running long, we will make a best effort to reschedule you. If this isn’t possible, and your artist is attending the event next year, your deposit can transfer towards an appointment at next year’s event, or at another event within one (1) year of the original appointment. In this situation, the deposit expires after one (1) year from date of original appointment.
  • If you are sick do not come to the session; you must notify us by text or voicemail the morning of the appointment day before 10:30AM and we will try to reschedule you or if not possible, our (1) year deposit terms apply.
  • If you come to your appointment sick, without notice to us or contact us after 10:30AM, you will not be tattooed, and your deposit will be lost. If you’re experiencing sun damage, flaking, rashes, bruises, or any type of external bodily issue that can affect tattooing, that’s not mentioned to your artist prior to your appointment, and you come to your appointment in this condition, you will not be tattooed and will lose your deposit.
  • A no-call/no-show, with no notice/contact to us, will result in loss of deposit. A no-show constitutes being thirty (30) minutes late for your appointment or more without notice and/or missing appointment. If you arrive later than thirty (30) minutes without notice, your artist reserves the right to accept walk-ups starting thirty (30) minutes after your scheduled appointment time. If time is available your artist will attempt to reschedule and tattoo you, however your deposit will still be lost.
  • When making appointment, please allow enough time before your appointment for traffic, parking, queues, admission, and locating the booth.
  • Payment of deposit indicates you’ve read and accept these deposit terms.