Liz Gruesome

Liz Gruesome has worked at Smokin’ Guns Tattoo for 10 years… and counting. She is many things, but first and foremost she is an artist. She is also an Army Brat, who spent the majority of her childhood in Germany with her mother and father. As a small child Liz Gruesome astounded her parents, teachers and caretakers with her natural artistic talent. Her subjects were the typical heroines and female role models of the day, but even then there was still a darker edge to her art. In 2000 she met the love of her life, the man that would make her "Gruesome." She began her formal apprenticeship after graduating college in 2003. In January, 2005, she worked at the “Marked 4 Life: International Tattoo Expo” where she won her first ever award. Since then, in addition to winning dozens of awards and the accolades of her peers and customers, her works have been published in many magazines and books including “Body Type 2” by Ina Saltz ; “The Making of Our Warrior” by Jeff Falkel; and is featured in “Juxtapoz: Tattoo 2”  In addition to tattooing, Liz is a seamstress, make-up artist, painter, sculptor, singer/song writer, does massive murals, and in 2009 enjoyed two semesters as an instructor of a drawing fundamentals course at the local college. 

Today, Liz Gruesome can be found tireless and passionate in the trenches of Smokin’ Guns Tattoo in Fayetteville, NC. Check out Liz's work here.

(Liz's photo was taken from the website of the Fayetteville (NC) Observer)