Pre Tattoo F.A.Q.

How much does a tattoo cost?

         There is no set tattoo cost other than the shop minimum. Prices vary depending on size, detail, and placement.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I’ve never been tattooed. What should I be doing as a first timer?

         We recommend having at least a reasonably firm idea for your tattoo. A consult can be set up with an artist who can work with you to fine tune the details, tweak the design if something can’t be tattooed, or help narrow it down if you have a couple ideas. We can’t really help you if you don’t know what you want or don’t provide us with adequate information, nor will we rush you into a tattoo you don’t necessarily want. When you decide on an idea, check out portfolios of different tattoo artists to see who best fits the style you want your piece to be.

Can I send you imagery to get an estimate?

         Yes, but we need some information from you when sending the photo; where are you placing it on your body, sizing (in inches), and to send us as clear of an image as possible. We need your sizing because we can't accurately determine sizing from a photo. If you're sending a picture of a tattoo on someone else, keep in mind that that tattoo was custom made for that person to their sizing, and some elements of that tattoo (or the entire tattoo) may not be possible to tattoo on you. If you want a tattoo of lettering or handwriting, there is a minimum text size required depending on the font or the handwriting--if the writing is tattooed too small, the text will bleed together and become illegible. Imagery can be texted to our shop number at 732-503-8469 or emailed to 

Is there a cost for a consult? Do they have to be done in-shop?

         Consults are free, and at the end a deposit will be taken if you’re ready to start the appointment process. It’s preferable to have the consult in-shop, but for clients that have a significant travel distance we may be able to consult over email, depending on piece.

Can I choose an artist?

         Absolutely. Please specify an artist when you set up your appointment. If you don’t give a preference your piece will be given to the next available artist based on your availability/timeframe.

Is tattooing safe?

         We use disposable supplies for needles, inks, gloves, and other associated supplies. While our autoclave is not actively used since we’re a fully disposable shop, it is still tested monthly for a spore test as required by health code. Surfaces are barrier-wrapped and other exposed surfaces are disinfected after each tattoo.  Furthermore, all shop artists have taken and passed bloodborne pathogen training and adhere to New Jersey and Ocean County health codes.

I have (medical condition) and/or I have an allergy to _____, can I still be tattooed?

         This would depend on the condition/allergy; let us know prior to your consult or setting up your appointment. If you are diabetic, we will not tattoo you below your waist.

I’m pregnant. Can I be tattooed?


How long does a tattoo take?

         Like the price, this varies on your design and your body. Your artist will give you a time and price estimate. A session can be as little as 5-10 minutes or up to a full day of 5-6 hours of tattooing. Bring snacks/meals/drinks if you have a session longer than 2-3 hours or so. We have a microwave and refrigerator available for client use.

Do you tattoo hands/fingers/faces/lips/feet, or private areas?

         For those individual areas, yes, however they are not included in our standard touch-up policy. If a touch-up is required, it’s billed at the standard shop rate. For private areas, yes, however they are billed at a higher shop rate depending on placement and specific part, and touch-ups are billed at the shop rate. Note: The groin/lower stomach area is not considered a private area.

I have two or more pieces I’d like to tattoo. Is it better to book them together or separately?

         If they’re on separate areas of your body, and you can physically handle multiple tattoos, it’s more cost-effective to do both in one session.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

         Arrive on time. We will contact you ahead of time if we can get you in earlier or if we have to move up your appointment due to a session running unexpectedly long.