Tattoo F.A.Q.

Does tattooing hurt?

         While every person’s body is different, on average we find that when the needle hits the skin, it’s followed by ‘that’s it?’. During the tattoo, if there is any pain, we offer optional numbing products to alleviate soreness during the tattoo process. With that said, there could be a higher chance of pain on areas where your skin has more sensitivity than other parts of the body but choose where you want the tattoo based on where you want it, not on how much you think it might hurt.

I’ve had alcohol and/or drugs prior to my appointment today. Can I be tattooed?

         No. If you come to your appointment under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs you will be rescheduled and lose your deposit. You can drink alcohol after your tattoo, but we recommend waiting a few hours as alcohol can still affect the healing process.

Do people pass out?

         Rarely, almost never. If it happens it’s likely due to lack of eating and drinking fluids throughout a longer session. Bring snacks/meals/drinks if you have a session longer than 2-3 hours or so. We have a microwave and refrigerator available for client use.